We are a technical training company
that provides multi-vendor courses
that covers the HP-UX,Oracle Solaris,
IBM AIX and Red Hat Linux Variants.

In addition, we offer complete Perl,
C/C++ and Python language courses,
along with courses in Oracle SQL
and PL/SQL. We are the only training
provider in the Midwest with current
OpenVMS courses.

All lab exercises are performed
on virtualized Solaris, Windows,
Red Hat Linux, and SUSE
We have travelling server platforms
for IBM AIX and HP-UX.

We are one of the few technical
training companies that writes all
of the courseware that is used for
our training courses. We never buy
3rd party courseware. This also
means that we can customize any
and all courses (at little to no
charge !)

Courseware Leasing
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